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filter without net Double panel Rotary

filter without net Double panel Rotary

Functions and features:

This product is for engineering plastics compounding and extrusion for making better products. All are using p20 material with heat treatment, it is the principle of rotation with the pole, with high-speed kneading function, so that better waste discharge, allowing molten plastics highest index. 


The range is suitable for extrusion products,suitable for pelletizing line, and production line of APCP, ps foaming agent plastic plate, pipe machine, coating machine, film blowing machine, sheet extrusion products. 

With this non-mesh filter, so you lower raw material costs, better quality of the extruded product, but also changed the production operation process, achieve a higher level of automation.

Each on the sheets, plates, tubes, hollow, granulation best business equipment can be replaced!

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