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HDPE pipe and PVC pipe

Pipe is the key material for home decoration like HDPE pipe and PVC pipe. They are a vital material for our daily safety of water. So how to choose them? Here today, we will share some ideas with you. Hope this will be helpful to you!


1. Pipe color. Some people think green color is good. However, some one think white color is good. Other people think grey is the best. Actually, the quality of HDPE pipe and PVC pipe has nothing to do with colors. The purpose is to prevent lighting and breeding of bacteria. Sometimes, HDPE pipe and PVC pipe suppliers offer colored pipes to meet the market demand to enhance selling personality.


2. Pipe odor. A large number of pipes exceeded the heavy metals, which bring great harm to human health. At present, many HDPE pipe and PVC pipe manufacturers use recycled materials. Only the materials contain too much recycled material can we identify by smelling. In most occasions, we have to identify these harmful pipes by burning them or laboratory method.


3. Pipe wall thickness. Not the thicker the better. The thicker the pipe, the smaller runoff will be. In other words, the most important is the uniformity of wall thickness.


4. Pipe leakage. No matter how good the product, the installation will be a problem. The first is tools. Is the clamping tool good enough? Second, the operators have received formal training and familiar with the requirements of the specification? In fact, poor installation will also lead to leakage problem.


In conclusion, no matter how luxurious your home, once there are pipeline problems, the results will be very serious. The pipeline may be burst or blockage, so choose reliable quality and high stability HDPE pipe and PVC pipe is an extremely important thing.


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