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Twin screw plastic granulator features

1 The material handling efficiency of a single screw depends on the frictional properties of the solid material and the viscosity of the melt.The material is transported by the principle of positive displacement in the double screw extruder,which does not produce pressure backflow.Therefore, the material is easy to into compared to a single screw extruder.

2 As the double screw pelletizing extruders screw length is short,the material has a short residence time in the double screw extruder.On the one hand it can avoid the recovery of thermal degradation, on the other hand it can reduce power consumption.

3 Material by the vertical and horizontal shear, mixing, with excellent homogenization of plasticizing effect.

4 With excellent exhaust and self cleaning function.

5 The flow frequency of the double screw pelletizing extruder is insensitive to the die pressure.The double screw pelletizing extruder is more effective for large products.But the flow frequency of the single screw pelletizing extruder is sensitive to the die pressure.


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