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Made of PVC pipe

PVC pipe is mainly made from polymerized vinyl chloride with other materials which can enhance its hot-resistance,pressure-resistance and stretch capability.The first layer of the pipe is coated with paint,the second layer is PVC and the last layer is coated with bonding agent.As for PVC,it is the most popular and widely used synthetic material in the world.


How is PVC pipe made?It is hot pressed with polymerized vinyl chloride,stabilizing agent and lubricant which is the earliest developed plastic pipes. PVC pipes have soft and hard pipes.But hard PVC pipes play an important role in market.Because soft PVC pipes can not bear high water pressure for it is made from plasticizer.It is often used for floor and ceiling surface.Without plasticizer,hard PVC pipes are capable of high pressure and acid-resistance.         


JIANGSU TURUI MACHINERY is one of the main PVC pipe production line workshop.These PVC pipes from our PVC pipe production line are supplied with desirable physical properties for various municipal applications,water and waste water treatment,agricultural,potable water systems,plating and irrigation.

More detailed questions of thePVC pipe production line Welcome to consultation JIANGSU TURUI Machinery Co., Ltd.



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