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Comparison of PPR pipes, PVC pipes, and HDPE pipes

PVC pipe production line for PVC pipe, it is the most loved and widely used pipe all over the world. It has good processability, lower manufacturing costs, insulation, corrosion resistance, and other advantages which can be used for water pipe fittings, water supply project or sewage disposal.


HDPE pipe production line for HDPE pipe, it is high density polyethylene pipe with milky white surface. It also has good corrosion resistance to most household and industrial chemicals, and has excellent insulation characteristics, making it perfect for wire and cable at a low temperature and still maintained a good character.


PPR pipe production line for PPR pipe, it has heat resistance and corrosion resistance which is stable that can be used for about 50 years.PPR pipes can be put inside the wall or deep bore. But for construction, it demands higher skills and requires specialized tools and professional knowledge in construction in order to guarantee the system's security.

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