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The plastic film pelletizing production line

The plastic film pelletizing production line consists of material transportation system,shredder,pelletizing machine,filtering net exchange system,water-ring granule cutter,dewatering machine,vibrator,and silo.


The plastic film pelletizing production line could easily accomplish plastic recycling and regeneration,which is available to all different kinds of plastic material recycling treatmentsuch as PPPEABSwaste woven bagwaste agricultural filmmulch filmgreenhouse film.It is low power consumption,high output capacityhigh purity and save operation etc.  


During the actually operation and manufacturing processes,material purity gets a effective rise by continuous upgrade and equipment improvement,meanwhile realizing capacity maximization.This brings our clients large economic profits on environment and resource aspect.The production line is widely acclaimed and popular on environmental field,at the same time,it is also encouraged be the nation policy of resource recycling.


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