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PVC / PE / PP wood-plastic sheet profile extrusion production line

PVC / PE / PP wood-plastic sheet profile extrusion production line is the use of wood fiber filler(wood flour rice husk straw and so on) and waste thermoplastics as the main raw material.ADD part of the processing aids,The product is obtained by melt-blending and kneading,Known as wood-plastic composite materials products.


The WPC profile extrusion line includes Hot and cold high-speed mixing unit,conical twin screw extruder,wood plastic extrusion die,cooling calibration forming table,haul-off and cutter,stacker.


Wood plastic profile has many advantages,anti-decay,anti-deformation,anti-faded,pest-resistant,

fire prevention performance is good,no crack,easy to manufacture without maintenance.Not only has the characteristics of natural wood and can provide a variety of colors according to the requirements.

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