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PVC imitation marble sheet production line

PVC imitation marble sheet production line is composed of automatic feeding into high-speed mixing, then automatic feeding to conical twin screw extruder, big sheet mold structure outlet tothree roller shaping mold for shaping, roller supporting cooling device, film mulching device, edge cutting device, haul off, automatic cutter, roller conveyor, etc. PVC imitation marble sheet production line is compact in structure and superior in performance. Through the optimization design on screw and barrel, with professional processing of high performance alloy steel, the whole machine has the advantages of uniform plasticization, stable extrusion capacity, high capacity and long service life. The barrel with cast aluminum heater heating, wind cooling and precision electric meter to control temperature. Precise setting and pressing device, through its good adjustment function to shape the sheet well. The cutting part adopts fixed length cutting device to ensure the exquisite length of sheet.


Features of PVC imitation marble sheet: clear texture, natural surface effect of 99.5%, non-toxic, non radiation, anti permeability, anti aging, self cleaning, surface wear, hardness up to 3H-6H, fireproofing grade can reach level A to level B. Light weight is easy for transportation and convenient construction, specification is 1220mm*2440mm with low cost and high security!


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